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About Our Practice


I know which medications work well for me for common infections, like sinus infections or urinary tract infections. Do I have to make an appointment every time to see the doctor or can medication be called in for me?

Family First Wellness practices evidence-based medicine, which requires a physical examination to properly diagnose and treat a patient’s symptoms. We have same-day appointments available for sick/urgent visits.


How does the office handle prescription refill requests?

Since all refills must recorded in your electronic health record, we cannot refill prescriptions at night, on weekends, or over the holidays when the medical record is not available. Refills will not be made on your medications unless you have followed your doctor’s recommendations for medical follow-up visits. You may request prescription refills via your patient portal or by calling the office at 813-920-8300. General response time for all refill requests will be 48-72 hours. There is no such thing as an emergency refill.


How do I request a medication refill?

We encourage patients to ask for refills at their appointment. However, in the event that you need a refill at any other time, you may send your refill request via your patient portal or by calling the office to place your request. You can log into your portal here. Please understand that it is the patient’s responsibility to notify the office when you have two weeks left of medications and to initiate the request directly with our office. Do not rely on pharmacy transmissions to address refill requests. We ask that you allow 48-72 hours for the prescriber to review and authorize refills. Again, there is no such thing as an emergency refill.


Can I send messages to my doctor via my patient portal?

Yes. You can use your patient portal to send messages to your doctor for NON URGENT matters. Some concerns may require an office visit for appropriate evaluation and management. Messages to/from the doctor are handled at her convenience. Please do not send urgent information via the patient portal. Please call the office if you have an urgent concern or medical question that may require an appointment or an immediate response.  Portal Help      Portal Link


What if I need a referral or authorization?

It is the patient’s responsibility to know whether their insurance requires authorization for specialist’s visits or procedures. If you need an authorization, we will be happy to initiate the process once you inform us of your specialist and/or procedure appointment date and time. We require at least 72-hours notice for referrals/authorizations to be processed.

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