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Samantha Lindsay, MD

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The double chin is an equal-opportunity offender, striking both men and women of all ages. At Family First Wellness, Samantha Lindsay, MD, believes that overall health and wellness comes from within and out, which is why the practice offers WarmSculpting™ treatments by SculpSure®, which eliminate submental fat. If you’d like your chin to be a solo act once again, call the office in Lutz, Florida, for more information. Or you can schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.

Double Chin Treatment Q & A

What causes a double chin?

There are many factors that can contribute to the development of a double chin, which is also called submental fullness, including:

  • Genetics
  • Facial structure
  • Aging
  • Carrying excess fat

While excess fat can certainly play a role in the onset of a double chin, it’s important to note that this unwelcome development can form in thinner people as well.

The aging component is also worth emphasizing. As you grow older, your skin naturally loses collagen, the protein responsible for the tone and elasticity in your tissue. With this loss, your fat is no longer held in place and can succumb to gravity, gathering at the lowest point — such as under your chin.

How can WarmSculpting treatments eliminate my double chin?

SculpSure was cleared by the FDA to tackle submental fullness because of its efficacy in targeting and eliminating fat cells through its WarmSculpting treatments. The SculpSure device delivers noninvasive laser energy into your fat cells to heat them up and destroy them, allowing your body to flush out the debris through its lymphatic system.

What makes the WarmSculpting treatments at Family First Wellness so effective is that Dr. Lindsay can target fat cells directly, eliminating up to 24% of them from under your chin. And once these fat cells are destroyed, they don’t regenerate.

How many WarmSculpting treatments do I need?

Most patients at Family First Wellness require a series of WarmSculpting for optimal results. When you sit down with Dr. Lindsay, she reviews your submental area and comes up with the best treatment schedule.

The treatments themselves are spaced apart by several weeks, but take less than 25 minutes each. And there’s no downtime afterward, which means you’re free to get on with your day.

When do I see results after my WarmSculpting treatments?

Your results are gradual as you progress through your WarmSculpting treatments and your body disposes of the destroyed fat cells. Most patients realize their final results 6-12 weeks after their final WarmSculpting treatment.

To bring your real chin back into prominence again, call Family First Wellness to schedule your WarmSculpting treatment. Or you can request a consultation using the online scheduling tool.