Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Wellness Exam

Be aware that some medical conditions can develop without your knowledge or obvious symptoms. For example, do you know what high blood pressure feels like? Unless you’re in the later stages of the condition, it’s unlikely you’ll notice any symptoms until it’s reached dangerous levels.Many conditions produce clues only to a practiced eye, preferably a family practitioner with whom you’ve built a relationship over the years. 

Dr. Samantha Lindsay and the team at Family First Wellness are an ideal choice for such a relationship. Dr. Lindsay advises her patients that the benefits of an annual wellness exam are essential to staying proactive about your health.

An exam when you’re well?

An annual wellness exam and an annual physical exam are easily confused, since they’re similar but with subtle differences. A physical exam is generally more in-depth, where your doctor ensures everything is normal with your basic bodily functions. 

An annual wellness exam is more of a conversation where you and Dr. Lindsay discuss changes in your life, your family history, your health, and your treatment plans moving forward. 

You can discuss prevention ideas as well, such as if you're at risk for developing certain disorders but haven’t yet. During the appointment, Dr. Lindsay will also check your weight, blood pressure, and cognitive abilities to make sure everything is normal. 

An active role in your health

Medicare covers the cost of a free annual wellness exam once a year to all patients covered under its program. This underscores the importance of the visit to prevent health problems in the future while helping to form a clear picture of your overall health risks.

When you show up at Family First Wellness for an exam, it’s important to bring a list of any medications and supplements you're currently taking, as well as your immunization records and the names of your health care providers, particularly if you’re a first-time patient.

The preventive edge

A wellness exam creates a relationship with Dr. Lindsay. You both discuss any risks associated with your health. If your parents, siblings, or grandparents had certain medical conditions, for example, you may be more at risk of developing these. A wellness visit is the ideal time, when you’re free of other medical issues, to take steps to reduce genetic risk factors. 

An annual wellness exam helps you get closer to Dr. Lindsay, a key part of the personal care and advice that she prioritizes for her patients, part of her “get healthy, be healthy, stay healthy” philosophy. Wellness visits give you a chance to be examined by a caring and experienced physician who knows you and the challenges you face. 

During your wellness exam, it’s important to remember that this is a preventative measure for your health, you cannot get refills for medications or discuss other non-related wellness exam issues.

If you’ve fallen behind with regular check-ups, or if you’re simply ready to become proactive about your health, Dr. Lindsay and her team are ready to help. Call the office to arrange your annual wellness exam, for yourself or a family member, and get started on the path to wellness today. 

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